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Thursday, November 4, 2010

stubbon P2

as i knew one month ago, structurely, Apr 26 was not the P2 top.
this final wave of P2 top is independent in structure, can or can not exceed the Apr 26 top.
so far DJI, compq, ndx already exceed Apr top, spx, rut, financials...are not bettered.
this final wave often has an exhaustion thrust over-throw nature.
at today's new high, it has this climax nature, and is touching the upper trendline.
yesterday's short term final top catching waves are wrong, but the structure of this as the final MT and LT wave can not change.
i stay extreme bearish, and keep the call of grand crash as explained in the email update.
i see lots bears capitulated. Not me, i stay in the faith of what i see of the big picture and will not give up. be a P2 terminator, not a surrender.