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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Titanic and its life boat

1). i think i am generous enough to show all these. if some people still want to bash, i am speachless about their behavior. tonight when i cleaned out the spam folder, i recognize some names, i never need to open or read it, deleted straight, so don't waste your time writing.
2). the overall 2 years bear market rally elliott wave counts, i will reveal in a not too distant future. i just figured out about one month ago that very complicated ew count, it was made by "something" to be as complicated as possible.
3). as shown in the last timing box chart. the final top could be today or could be next Monday 11/8, but we should down some tomorrow then take it from there along the iso line & pitch fork line. even if a little higher, just a minor one, imho.

4). Sean, a good question. Could it be the (HFT)system in FED also see the constant threat of grand crash coming, so they want to use QE2 to fight? if i can see the potential, FED should be able to see too?