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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Titanic Life Boat

Titanic already sank to the bottom of the ocean.
its life boat also bumped into the iceberg, and having signs of leaking.
how many days "EXACTLY" did it take for Titanic to sink after the leaking?
after the Titanic sank, it still have life boat to save people's life.
when the life boat sinks, what do people have? Helicopter? fly all the way from NY to mid Atlantic? does it have enough fuel and won't CRASH into the ocean?

PS. 1). Pelican, sorry, i never believe in pomo driving the market, and never will be. Joseph :) said probably just some failed t/a excuses by some.
2). this topic is EXTREMELY timely critical market related. key members have the advantage. key members qualification is helpful, friendly, work hard for the blog; keep a good relationship, mutual benefits with me. anybody is welcome. so far, market plays exactly as the analysis i sent to key members last friday. today's life boat analysis is also exactly right on, and clearly sees what will come next exactly. i will reveal those analysis in a later time, they are too important, imho. any way, you know my published trade position, all there with records. sum up, i am extremely bearish going forward.
3). this coming weekend i will try to send out an important email update(i guarantee you will be satisfied with what you see)(make sure you are in the list, or you can try to apply with meeting the rules) of what i sent to key members last friday with updates and additions of more(still very good for going forward into end of Nov), and with target price (not a grand crash, but it's lower than Aug 27's bottom). it's a near carbon copy of textbook reality case, i don't see how it won't work out. tonight Nov 11's deep red future(now e-mini spx -18) reflects exactly the textbook case. t/a works exactly the way it supposed to be! if you want an advantage of extremely key developement in the future, try to become a key member as 2) above suggested. btw, i don't believe tomorrow's pomo can save it. i predict the myth of pomo will be destroyed tomorrow Nov 12. i never believe a tiny bit of it. t/a rules, not pomo. if your t/a failed, fix it (mine failed often too, but i never stop finding what's wrong & fix it). but i look around so many places for quite a while, no one knows or even mentions a word about this textbook case. and only this textbook case can generate such a huge impact on the market.