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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

w2 of P3 timing

P2 Top is 10/25, align with Fibonacci top cycle.
yesterday my statement of ew top as Nov 1 is wrong, revise to P2 Top as 10/25. as long as spx 1196.14 not passed, it's good.
i recently found out, The overall elliott wave structure of P2 bear market rally is so complicated, it's like God's work, it was made as complicated as possible. almost impossible to know until it's revealed. even after it's revealed, still so complicated to realize. i did not understand the structure until recently, and i don't see any ew counts even close to that. i am also surprized that the so much complicated elliott wave structure is all within robert prechter's elliott wave book: "Elliott Wave Principle".
for one thing, the P1 bear market elliott wave bottom was 11/21/2008, not 3/6/2009. this conforms with ndx and many indexes and many internationals bottomed 11/21/2008. the going forward structure is even more complicated. it also include a 9-wave triangle variation. nothing i have seen so complicated in my 15 years' extensive elliott wave practice. in a not too far future, i will reveal it, but not now.
even though it's so complicated, the market's major most important technical still is elliott wave, in my understanding of all patterns and t/a.

PS. 1). Grand, things have changed. i revised it as a 9-wave ending diagonal triangle. also i re-install the Grand Crash tonight, a 45%+- crash. if you are interested, please send me an email.