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Saturday, December 18, 2010

the butterfly grows much fatter, but not much taller.

during the below charts time period.
if you are a long holder, might feel horrible on the 1st half.
if you are a short holder, might feel extraordinary pain on the 2nd half.
most of us know buy-and-hold is not good strategy on such an extraordinary time. same is to short-and-hold, as the dark force of the helicopter is going insane.
there are period of time to hold, there are period of time to trade and time the market. knowing when to do one, when to do another is crucial to your financial success.

let's watch how the butterfly grows as the following historical and charts:
following chart was posted on Nov 5, 2010 top:

the buttly has only grown 0.6% or 68 $indu points taller after some pains, but has grown one month and twelve days fatter with much joyful sentiment:

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