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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Coming humble posts ~~~

1). 12/21 nightly update: "leader" financials cycle and price geometry potentially topped. $spx likely humble's favorite expanding topped with 3 layers. treasury bond TLT, pimco PTTRX at two-sided blade, do-for-new-52-weeks-high, or die-with-crash. gold, most-likely-die with so many extreme bearish patterns confirming. India $BSE is setting up a crash pattern, might have a little noise, but still. one European nation stock market index is confirming toward zero. $tsx most likely is a die. $STI extremely bearish. $dax likely is done. $ftse is done. $cac is done. ...
nearly all assets come to the same focal points around the same time.

$gold, or GLD, potential extremely bearish for a prolonged period of time, it's class A bearish divergence, opposite to the $spx chart i posted on Aug 27 1040 bottom.

one of the most important, influential firms worldwide. it's another way of showing what kind of storm is coming.

as of 12/17/2010, humble has confidently unified more than 30 nations in the world with humble way of total analysis.

12/20: earlier humble comments moved to 2 threads down on "The Coming humble posts ~~~ " posting thresd.

13:07pm ET market close comments(blog only) and 5 different methodology charts to members:
first chart indicates the spx upside target reached to the exact penny, what a wonder!

second chart indicate the iso line resistance for $spx and with a bearish wedge, also $trin 10 day moving average already turning up for $spx negative divergence.

third chart shows the short term pitch forks focal points, also a top.

forth chart shows MT pitch forkes ribbon band, also a top.

All these 'declaimed successful QE2 & climb a wall of worry" could be an important message of the confirmation of entering GDII per humble's total analysis.
do you trust words from gov, fed, wall streets? their records are fialed again and again.
or with humble and his GDII model ready to steer through the economic/financial winter storms, waves after waves, the velocity is aout 1:5, could mean it's a long long lasting code blue vs GDI.
even though, there will be very large up and down swings in the market as announced/un-announnced QE(n) and tarp(n). get the GDII model (different from GDI, but rhythm) ready and steer through.

btw, humble is seeing a storm is coming by year end +-, per the "rule of codes", many of you know!

12/19/2010 Sunday night futures, could imply the launching of GDII in a humble style.

both $spx and $indu upside target prices already nearly exactly met per humble's MT pattern calculations.
the Sunday night e-mini futures is showing a broadening top breaking down, initial cash target is around 1232 before further plunge. next target is calculated...
as humble recall, for the last several Sunday nights, futures were surging. tonight's opposite direction could signal the trend is changing to down.
re-cap of the focal point of the market close on Friday 12/17. if the futures persist down into the market open, we have a break down confirmation from the "focal point".
This could be an important message of the confirmation of entering GDII per humble's total analysis.

12/20 10:30am ET: soon after market openning updates to members:
<< Sunday night futures did not make any meanful move at the open on the the cash price.
as last Wednsday's special report of abcde indicated, a slightly new high make more sense and still guarded by the 2008 storm neckline line.
here it's at the MT target zone, humble would say upside target "exactly" reached". (shown on both $spx and $indu chart of the patterns geo math).
thanks >>
thank you!