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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Coming Financial Storm - GDII

from the blog system GDII vs. GDI charts, it's not difficult to imaging what kind of financial storms is coming, in views of the year 1930 Great Depression going forward, as they clearly rhythm so well in a humble way, and there are much more details to it, not only to U.S., also to worldwide as humble did a detailed analysis of so many internationals.
if you like humble's help to steer through the biggest financial storm for the years to come, the private membership is the only place i am going to provide my analysis expertise throught out the storm.

as blog system elliott wave relativity charts shows, the labeling, to me, really does not matter to use 12345 or abcde or wxyxz, or 5, 7, or 9 waves extentions, primary 3, primary C, primary Y ...
as long as they reflect the fractals and actual market behaviors. of course, organize in a systematic way is good.
Mr. Elliott's wave works and Mr. Prechter's further works on elliott wave are all just observations of the fractals and presented with a systematic way.
as long as the fractals, patterns support "the flow", using any symbols is fine with me.
whatever works and makes money is a good work, no need to be confined by any person's "work" from the past or current. free the mind, you will see more!

thanks for people are interested in my analysis.
my private members analysis is at least 5X better in quality and quantity than i posted on the blog.
i often try to help as much as i can for members. any country any index, i will try my best to help members. for the past weeks, the depth of quality and quantity i sent to members is about 20X bettern than i posted on the blog.

my main strength is for intermediate, long term market analysis and swing/position trades, i also cover short term trend for different needs.

after Sunday Dec 19, i am going to close the membership for application for quite a while.
when i re-open in the future, as i expect my analysis could be more right than wrong, i could increase many criteria for joining the membership.
there is a saying. if anything can be solved by a fee, good. if can not, good luck.
thank you.