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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

humble blade of two sides system and strategy going forward(special most worthy confidential chart update sent to members, late night)

humble blade of two sides system can detect:
1). crash or extreme weakness coming: flash crash was an example. back tested with all major crashes.
2). strong MT rally: Aug 27 and Nov 30 were two recent examples. there were many detected examples.
this system can benifit greatly on both short and long side trades.

big picture: the threshold of "only-one-needed-technical" for all major and many sub indexes ... (reported to members)

view and strategy going forward: night updated to members ...

if you are interested in joining membership, please contact:

PS. 1). garesky, the futures. i got it & already late night updated to members as for what exactly is going on. if plays out(i don't see why not), worth 10 years' membership!