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Monday, December 13, 2010

humble sees potential top is tomorrow around FOMC; today likely is not the top.

12/14 fomc day: had 17 charts updates to members, from pre-market to after market. charts, analysis, real time trades. mostly according to pre-market updated plan to members.

the expanding pattern characteristics did not occur today. fomc should provide the needed technicals for the pattern.
today's late day sold off is around the typical 4th wave area, and several supports, 2 pitch forks, fibo fan, gap support, slanted horizonal support, TICK is very oversold...
all detailed trading plans, patterns, historical blueprints, and many technicals updated to members during the day and after hour session.

PS. 1). Pelican, please be patient. if you have read my comprehensive report, would know my target of the (day, month, year) after tomorrow is spx 310. this target is derived by 5 different methodologies, all the same conclusion. it won't get there in one day or one month. my report very confidently lays out the path with all supporting blueprints and realities. it's the path common to all major indexes, and majority of the world indexes, from europe to asia to... they all share the same "technicals" that clearly presented in the comprehensive report.
Be patient, it's all about technicals. it's a tightly controlled market, all by technicals. all the news, all the events are "controlled" by technicals, all events are to be released at the "critical proper" time, not the other way round, imho.