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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

market might change direction to up; BUT could be just one day wonder; switched to fully short spx seconds b4 close, realized my "rule of thumb(sum)"

last 2 days' my trading messages and analysis to private members.
1). on 11/29 Monday, late market hour, i sent charts and said market likely to plunge on Tuesday 11/30.

2). early yesterday 11/30 morning, i covered short position near exactly the market bottom at 1174.1, and real time notified private members.

3). yesterday evening, i issued a market report with 5 charts, analyzed saying more upside on market.

4). after the market report issued, i went long at equivalent of $spx 1178 (while e-mini was down 2.5).

6). late last night, i issued "market may have changed direction to up" messgae to private members.

7). early this morning, i sent out the "two sides of blade" system analysis with 2 pattern charts detailed why the market changed direction.

what's most important?
your trades and my trades get into the correct direction of the market, otherwise it could be very costly, or miss the opportunity.

private membership still have some rooms open.
for details, contact me at:

PS. 1). bearohbear, thanks. i already took profits minutes ago and real timed members, due to some critical big picture setup and something must be a no-no in large. further reviewing.
2 swing trades, 4th day, total 8.2% profits (all real time notified members), not far from the goal of 10% swing trade profits since launch the private membership. all trades i did, i all supported with analysis and charts to members.
2). Joseph, dtg, thanks. this Nov is my very lucky month, i do not have any single failed trade in Nov. Dec has a very good start as day 1, but i do expect some failed trades in Dec while exercising stop limit discipline. i will RT announce my next trade to members shortly.
you know, i had been posted real time trades on the blog for a while before open private membership. those real time trades posted here are all successful, many are as good as can get.