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Sunday, December 26, 2010

market structures: pattern, price, time, elliott wave

humble's private membership will re-open for application on 12/27/2010.

In the comprehensive membership weekend report, humble examines:
the structure of the volatility index in details of all time frames for the indications of major market transition.

humble's specialty of structural expanding elliott wave is presented in a structural detailed way, humble does not see anyone else using this structure of elliott wave. in robert prechter's textbook elliott wave principal briefly touched this "potential" topic with one historical chart(humble sees r.p. likely labeled this "rare" structure in a wrong way), one sentence, no details. humble "discovered" this expanding struturre is the main one used again and again and with much higher successful rate, not the understanding of the textbook or other people as "rare or never". Hence this blog also titled with "Expanding nature". there is no document about this structure, humble has spent a great deal of time developing this structure.

market stuctures in details in various time frames and forms and patterns.

timing cycles.

during the weekend, humble also "discovered" price target calculation methodology, this humble method accuratly matched all the multiple months intermediate term upside price for all major U.S. indexes, and major European(germany, england ...), and major Asian indexes(china, japan, india, taiwan...), and many individual stocks to the "point". it's a "simple" humble geometry structure, but it's decisive, imho, could be an important new way of technical analysis in an easy & simple way(after knowing humble's documents). Even the price of Gold met this method "very precisely". humble likely presents to the private members in the coming future.

hope everybody had a great long holiday weekend!