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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

one of the non-confirmations

private membership launched on Nov 26, 2010.
1). issued special welcome comprehensive report, 14 pages and 21 charts, to clearly define ST, MT, LT market direction and structure for short term, months, and longer. all with supporting documents, historical blueprints.

2). pre-market, during the market, after the market updates, with quick critical messages and charts support. (more than i proposed in the original)

3). notify members my real time trades. Since 11/26/2010, two round trips trades, one short, one long, total profits 8.2%, booked. (as a courtesy, not in the original proposal to members).

4). market analysis report.

did more than original proposal. i will try to do more if i can.

imho, recent moves of the market is as expected, mainly under the grand design of the special welcome comprehensive report. going forward should also be expected. all imho.

PS 1). aLEXander, thanks. "AAII Sentiment Survey Update" is at the middle of the blog page, automatic updated every thursday.
Week ending 12/1/2010
Bullish: 49.7%
Neutral 24.1%
Bearish 26.2%