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Monday, December 6, 2010

samples of humble membership updates (member reports & market updates are 5X or much more better than posting here, imho)

0). 17:30ET Four major market critical sum up conclusion regarding time, price, patterns, elliott wave sent to members. contact me if you are interested to know.
any market, any country, anywhere in the world, i can try to do a comprehensive analysis for you.

1). first chart is right at market close update; break the green line support for confirmation of the top is in. it's right at the line at the close. rule of thumb: "the big picture threashold" for all major (6 or more) indexes, [and many internationals too].

2). second chart is humble expectation for tomorrow 12/7, issued at 16:17 ET; assuming the top is in at today's spx fractional higher high (0.23 points higher). humble expect tomorrow first wave w1 down to 1215.5, then bounce back up to 1220.5 or so, then strong down from there for w3.

3). there were several intraday market updates.
4). there were pre-market $rut update.
5). there were late Sunday night note.
6). there were special comprehensive report available for new applicants. Total 12 pages, 18 chart sets.

Three days special, one time offer (valid Dec 5 ~ Dec 7:
membership special offer humblestudent comprehensive market analysis report is available. Total 12 pages, 18 chart sets.

if you are interested, pay membership fee to review it.
fee will be refunded if you do not like the report.

please contact me if you have question or concern:

Structural T-charts with pitch fork isolation.