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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

spx 1235; "The special one time offer of membership ends today. "

two exact textbook typical technical reasons.
both charts analysis sent to members. one pre-market, one follow up shortly after the market open.
did not expect yesterday, but found out the solution and solved before market open and verified right after the market open.
10:00am ET - third market update sent. support the previous two market updates with indicator $NYMO and historical exact scenario.
all "under control" on technicals analysis. A detailed analysis will follow up, this is the exact t/a setup in many folds in a larger 1.5X scale.

PS. 1). TJ, it's not Ireland. it's another country "quietly" coming. its stock market two indexes are exact typical textbook case. calculated / measures indexes target price is zero, and it's coming in a not too distant future. the textbook printout says it's in-avoidable. we all know what does zero means, don't we? "quietly" is a surprise, means most people do not know and do not expect. it's interesting i spent some time analyzing some of the global markets and see the "surprise" coming.

2). mid-day update, sent to members. "rule of thumb" threshold as in the weekend special report, so amazingly controlled market and so precisely for all 10 major and sub markets! and back up & supported by historical charts analysis so far away, human nature never changed, no matter it's your father or grandfather's generation, charts says all! with that in mind, the course of many years to come should not be a surprise. one excuse or another. one way or another. one time or another. they all rhythm. But you need to know what to look for. .....

3). according to my calculation, beyound the $600 billion, another "quiet" $216 billion already spent or factored in according to all QE book balance.

if you are interested in joining the membership, or have any question, please contact:

wouldn't it be nice to know what's exactly going on, instead of stay in the dark & worrying? how much is your worry worth?
even the upside target number of 1235 was exactly calculated / measured pre-market and sent to members, and supported with copy of textbook printouts.
The special one time offer of membership ends today.