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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

what do they mean?

there are many important technicals in these two charts telling the market paths.
want to try?
in fact, for the last 16 months, $spx is in a trading range with a little protude noises on up & down sides. not those super bulls, neither those super bears presented.
there will be big up and down swings, never one way straight. join humblestudent for your profits both swings.
swing trades both up and down is my objective, not day trades.

after today's upside target and structure, then the downside reversal. i am confident and have a good "feeling" about the proceeding path. there will be plunges and upswing shoots. imho, this is a traders' market. buy and hold, or short and hold for long term, both will be much much under-perform if not zero or negative.

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