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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fibonacci 38.2%

one of the bubble burst characteristics that humble researched. more available.

a little blog glory history for late comers. i predicted the flash crash of 1000 points dow crash(proves of documents and how i did it available).
separately, i also predicted two day of big swings of 100 spx points(or djia 1000 points) on May 25-26, 2010, exact high and low accurately predicted.
Also check blog late Aug 2010, humble was extremely bullish and had many supporting posts when spx was 1040.
past achievement does not ensure future results.
there also many time humble failed to achieve the predicted goal.
humble can do short term, intermediate term, long term.
private membership with lots more details.

PS. linus, you said "extending and giving thousand cuts to bears over last few days."
for the whole never ending "big rally" since Nov 30 (btw, i was long 1170's twice), it's a little over 100 spx points.
for the May 25-26 prediction i did, i was 100 spx points swing in just two days!
if your dji 12000 comes "SOON", it will be an entirely different game, probably not a bear market anymore. then all dips probably should be bought. there are some limits i draw based on "big picture" analysis. if yours comes, then the "century indication" will possibly turned to a super bull market, it happened once out of ten past occurances. would it become hyper-infaltion or stagflation? i do not know. before that happen, still within my "century indication" as a time function, posted two days ago. pay attention to all the turns here. keep a open mind, there is nothing impossible.
linus, thanks for the vote on stockchart. i received pathetic 2 votes each of last 2 days, probably both from you. i am phasing out the public charts on stockcharts due to not much interests.