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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A humble new year outlook for 2011

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First chart of DJIA showing it's at the critical blue line, humble call it "storm neckline".
during Y2K, it melt down from the storm neckline - that was the internet bubble.
after the first rejection at Q2 2006, it melt up during Q4 2006 toward all time high - that was the housing bubble, the king of the bubbles.
during Q1, Q2 2008, it found support twice (Jan & Mar) at the storm neckline.
during Q3, Q4 2008, it melt down from the storm neckline - the storm crash of the housing bubble.
also there is a LT red trend line resistance, and a intermeidaite term (MT) green line support forming a bearish wedge or ending diagonal.
the whole 11 years is a big bearish head and shoulder. the measured downside target is too low, too pessimistic for humble to say it at this moment.
here DJIA is at the critical storm neckline again. humble guesses melt down from here.

we have the internet bubble as the left hand man, the left shoulder.
we have the housing bubble as the king, the head.
we have the QE stock market bubble as the right hand man, the right shoulder.

second chart showing $spx is at the 80 years trend line resistance from year 1930's Great Depression I, GDI.

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Have a happy, safe, peace, and prosperous 2011.
thanks for the support in 2010.
humble echen

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