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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23, 2011 Sunday AM - for immediate release - potential bullish markets - U.S. & worldwide.

critical & reliable textbook $rut patterns shown to members, very likely could make it to ... bears caution to be taken.
took an overnight 3% profits at day high as planned on the 2nd chart. buy low, sell high. or short high, cover low. a trader's market for who know "correct" charts analysis.
DJIA looked the strongest, only a hair from 12000, but there are 2 catalysts as updated to members.

exit strategy and price might not posted, private members prioritized. it's a trader's market.
loaded TNA (3X bulls small cap), large size.

including past two months seriously under-performing emerging markets. but still a trader's market of swing trades of both short and long sides.

PS. i know, currently, even many bullish blogs are looking downward price pressures.
check what did humble presented during late Aug, 2011 bottom while majority of both bulls and bears were looking for market plunge during that time frame.