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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

today:28 member charts analysis market updates, trades, including a comprehensive special $RUT report pre-market and after market summary and outlook.

booked +8% TZA profit overnight, copy of broker time and sales statements sent. $rut special comprehensive report avaialable.
sent to private members pre-market, including humble yesterday AH new position on TZA, 1st trade on rut since late Nov bottom.
less than one hour after market open, already sent 10 market updates to members, including spx, rut, ndx... chart analysis.

Mr. Jobs experienced pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant in the past.

For informational and educational purposes and Mr. Jobs own well being, Mr. Jobs might want to check into following Taiwan's national treasure, recommended by Taiwan Legislative Congress Speaker Wang Jin Ping 立法院長王金平:

today's earning report hot issues, both aapl and ibm are finishing the humble style expanding structure with exapnding line and pitch forks verifications at different levels. it's another way to depict the market top timing of these two very important companies in U.S.