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Monday, January 31, 2011

short term swing trade on the right side of the market? so far, yes. 100% hit rate for Jan as concluded.

humble long the market since late Friday, all positions real time updated to members. all trades planned ahead with T/A shown to members.
expectation of targets with chart analysis also released throughout the market hours and pre & after market.
up a couple of percentage on this swing trade overnight.
detailed analysis and price available.
2-sides-blade system signal presented to members, and expectation going forward.
this is a bipolar market, one day $ndx made new high(1/27). the next day(1/28), it felt like a small crash. swing on the both sides are the way to beat the market performance. but make sure to stay on the right side. even you are on the right side, the next day could completely reversed and make a round trip with nothing. that's the nature of the current market. swing trades to benefit it. need help on the analysis? check with humble.

as the close of Jan 31, humble has no single failed real time swing trade presented to members for Jan. 100% hit rate!
for membership:

a typical trader's market. need help on these wild rides? are you on the right side of trades?
TNA rally 10%+ for 1/31 & 2/1.
has humble took TNA profits on Feb 1? you bet!
position real time updated to members ONLY.
position also covered with charts analysis supported for buy/sell, short/cover methodologies / reasons.
market close update with summary and analysis of what to expect next.