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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


rut 135%
spx +95%
indu +86%
compq +118%
ndx +128%
djusfn +160%
eem +175%
tnx +75%
tyx +85%
tna +782%
bgz +556%
aig +852%
c +430%
amzn +452%
aapl +345%

aig up an astonishing 852%, does that mean it becomes a great company again? or risky speculation trades are coming back in a way that greater than market was at all time high during Oct 2007?
i just saw jimmy roger on cnbc saying oil $150 coming. if he sees my confident oil chart analysis in all aspects, he would never say it again!

a CONFIDENT comprehensive special report has sent to private members, covering timing, cycles, spx, indu, ndx, rut, djusfn, patterns, elliott waves, humble's trades.
in terms of short term, medium term, long term.
one member told me "Great report !"
i am glad to hear that.
i am more than willing to help members with all i can.
can contact me if interested in the report.

linus, thanks for posting. with above statistics, it's not difficult to imagine what kind of market we are in. what's more important is what tomorrow brings, next week brings, next month brings, next quarter bring. bring the number to the indexes is not important as bring the money to your account, that's all about, isn't it?

if you long the market today, a drop of DJIA 100 points tomorrow would make you feel like big bear market again. a rise of 100 points would make you feel in a great bull market. tza plunged 5% today, it would be some people's bear market as to their account, and probably would worry if a $rut new high is coming and much more? (i covered this $rut issue in today's comprehensive report). i did warn some friends about the up-shoot move of $rut earlier this week and showed them the exact pattern and text-book print out elliott waves on the exact 100% match. i hope they took my advice, and are fine. imho, hitting singles(daily), or doubles(swings) to accumulate over the time is much better than hoping for a home run that might never come. talking, hoping and expecting is one thing, doing real trades to bring $$$ to your account is a different thing.

it's all people's mood swing with the terms as bull or bear market. imho, it's all "relative" terms, depends on people's time frames, and not to be obsessed by the conventional terminology of bull or bear market.
if you make 15+% in one week (no options involved) like i did in the past week applying both long and short trades, then the one week is a bull market to your account. trading daily, swing, medium term - all still a trader's market, for people to maximize the performance and account.
"relativity" is the word. like my own invented elliott wave relativity with expanding technique.

with the above statistics, ask yourself a few things.
are you or this society richer or more prosperous than one year, three years, five years, and ten years ago?

do you feel safer than last year, a couple of years ago? do you feel your family will have a better living down the road? do you feel your children would have a better future environment than yours past one?

despite the "generated" temporary "phantom" so called wealthy effect, are we better off than in the past? do you feel safer? why are there more and more shooting, social unrest all over the world? are we close to an event trigger than yesterday as day goes by? do you feel it's coming in the air? do you feel safe and more secure than the past, not just your wealthy effect the b-guy handed to you as a giving. and "man" made or generated phantom effect to boost his performance will have to pay a big price in the future, if not in you, will be in your children's future life. imho