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Friday, January 28, 2011

swords - (as predicted, some kind) Unrest In Egypt (beginning of the bigger & more events coming?)

0). Jan 30 evening, weekend comprehensive report for private members sent, 21 pages with 34 charts analysis, also humble's planned / expectation of trades setup for the coming week.
this weekend comprehensive report is available for non-member to review for $30.
PS. warning: my posting general view could be different from my trading position. view is a view. trading position is strickly based on T/A.

This weekend, humble examines major indexes by popular inverse trading vehicles of 3X leveraged bears ETFs, hope to benefit humble members’ trading. Presenting trading vehicles are sqqq, tza, spxu, bgz, faz, vxx, uup. Indexes are ndx, rut, spx, indu, oex, djusfn, vix, usd, xeu. and much more on medium term, long term technicals. international market, including oil, nikkei, europe, bricks, many emerging markets also looking into the details.
contact me if you are interested in joining the membership.

1). wrote and posted on Jan 12:

"Vote" is at the bottom of the stockcharts public list page.
will write and post a "strong" supporting comprehensive technical analysis if stay at #1 voted at the end of Jan 31. Only #1 voted counts.

also posted on the blog on Jan 11, 2011

2). trades:
for the past 7 trading days, i have booked 17%+ profits on tza/tna pairs with 3 swing trades. also reported to members spxu and sso trades, all sucessfully booked profits. all entries and exits were real time reported to members and with supporting charts explainning the technical reasons. hard copy of broker statements of entry/exit also sent to members. next setup of swing trade already planned with chart analysis, and reported to members.

on Friday Jan 28, i had 20 intraday updates with various charts analysis and my real time trades to members, also market close update report.
i also send out weekend comprehensive report, and sometimes special report on timely pertinent trading issues to benefit members. i love to help members, always try to do more than i committed.

trading the flexibility: walk out the past, looking forward toward the future for the best opportunity. tradings does not like fixed mind, it likes flexible mind. market view, bias and oppinion is one thing, actual trading the market with profits in mind is another. i can believe in great depression II or crash as a general market view, but on the other side, i can profit from both long and short positions as long as the market analysis show me the high probability swing trades. people can "feel" the market is "sick or manipulated" in a view, but never kidding your money with view. the terminology of bull or bear are created by wallstreet to "frame" people. be a "person" to benefit from the market is the real deal, not about bull or bear views. views and tradings could be very different, be flexible. people can stay with own general market view, but it might not bring you profits. do not marry to a trade, be flexible, every dollar counts. imho.

3). supporting chart analysis: