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Friday, January 21, 2011

a trader's market

IF (a big if) humble's recognition and analysis is correct, this is and will be a dividing and a trader's market, and all those extreme bullish or bearish biased analysis, and all elliott wave analysis out there will fail for a long long time. only people know how to analyze charts correctly and trade on both sides can benefit from the market. could be a revolutional view of t/a going forward. it's hard, but that's the reality imho.

a trader's market means trade on the both long and short sides. for example, humble was shorting $rut with 3X bears at the very top on Tuesday after APPL earning release surge AH(detailed comprehensive $rut report and analysis available).
Then yesterday 1/20 humble was long spx with double long near the day low around spx 1272. those are trading position, enter and exit according to humble's chart analysis. not a general view of the market.
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