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Sunday, February 13, 2011

be fair, it's above the LT trend line

PS. Sunday 9:40pm ET comprehensive weekend report for members sent, featuring most important must read LT & MT & ST CYCLES, $spx, $indu, $rut, $ndx, $djusfn. report is somewhat late as humble spent all weekend writing medical research papers.
Disclaimer: sometimes, the information posted on the blog is much different in depth of views and quality than those updated to fee based private members.

Feb 11, 2011: apparant broke out of the LT trend line.
people can call it a fake break out, but it still is a break out no matter what.
one catalyst: if treasury bonds crash from here, this line stands. if this line falls back, likely treasuries rally to new 52-week high. that's what the FED is playing (on the fire).
historically, there is only one time occurred like this phenomenon(not shown on the chart).
BUT there also are different trend lines and catalysts.
besides price, cycles are criticals too. most often. time leads price. humble's cycle work of LT, MT, ST shows ... cycles must be respected, that's the main reason that price keep on making new highs.

short term: on Friday 2/11/2011, market closed at high, but there still are excessive fears in the market... yes, fear, not complacency, per humble's unique short term fear factor measurements for short term market trend.

humble is bearish, but likely there are unfinished upside business on both price and cycle, as detailed price and cycles expectation on weekend report to members.

following chart humble originally posted on Apr 26, 2010 pre-flash top, the first accross the blogspots.

for $spx, check hunble river posted previously.