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Monday, February 7, 2011

humble river

2/8: special $VIX geometry update available, analyzing QE1 and QE2 rhythm effect. also humble's new favorite trading position with charted T/A exact reasons. for joining membership:

come back often. i have some charts methodologies i think nobody ever seen or heard, even myself never seen. because i just developed those during the weekend.

except the latest open trades, humble has none failed trade on both long and short sides trades since Jan 2011. swing trades real time notified private members.

The Top is likely in, with expanding diagonal elliott wave 5th wave.

special market update: $NYAD cumulative showing the price met at the red Fibonacci fan upper line, also as the upper trend line.
$spx chart below also met with the red Fibonacci fan upper line resistance. as a reference, this red $spx Fibo fan line was a perfect resistance at 4/26/2010's 1219.80 top, also was a perfect support at the 7/1/2010's 1010.90 bottom. it seems like this Fibo fan works perfectly on two major MT resistances, and one MT major bottom.
A 300% zoom on $NYAD, and a 200% zoom on $spx also inserted into the chart for your view of the details.
Along with the comprehensive market close report on $spx and $rut, the topping scenario could be quite promising.

details of cycles, $spx, $rut short term, medium term analysis and swing trades available if you feel the need. humble is confident that, you will be satisfied with the analysis.