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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CSCO target $10 with Elliott wave relativity, Fibonacci fan, and Pivot target. The same methodologies can be applied to major indexes!

PS. as where is the target for $spx? there is only one geometry line paired with the time velocity for the purpose. it's all the same for ndx, rut, T-bond yields, T-bonds... they all share the same structure of geometry. understanding the geometry structure and patterns of the market, you could win most of the time.

not tomorrow though. :)-
CSCO again is ringing the bell of the market top with its earning release, mirror image to CSCO's 10/31/2007 earning release, which was the $ndx, $nasdaq top for the next 16 months.
sepeartely, check humble's post on Feb 7 of the chart of "humble river", which dated back to 1930's Great depression, also 1987 Oct crash, 2002 bottom, 2008 Oct crash. what will happen after the rejection of the "humble river"? humble has all prepared, ready to issue at a proper time. members prioirity.
check the blog history, humble also had the "humble river" chart posted for major indexes of $spx, $indu, $compq during late Apr, 2010 top. shortly followed was the flash crash. what will happen next will not be a flash crash type, certainly! it will be different this time, all prepared.

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