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Monday, February 28, 2011

rejected at mid Fibonacci fan line, and mid green pitch fork resistance

PS. Mar 1: special $RUT report to members, also special on $VIX, cycles. so far so good, under expectation!

PS. Feb 28 9:30pm ET initial potential crash alert watching pattern charts analysis just issued to members. but MUST assume no crash in the first place as it's very very rare!!!
"in humble's two-sides-blade system, if a potential crash is invalidated, will become huge rally. humble is paying close attention to both scenario."

don't be fooled, even though there were strength during the last 2~3 days, but current pattern is very similar to 2010 May's flash crash pattern and setup. not matured yet, need more time and more setup. humble's "crash system" can detect it when all the setup are ready. the system has detected the flash crash, also back tested with all major crashes.
humble will report the progress and pattern using proprietary "humble crash system" to private members only (not on the blog or anywhere).
as a side note: crash is very rare, we should assume it won't occur in the first place. but keep alert on the pattern. also keep alert on the two-sides-blade on the other side of big rally.

PS. (since some people asked)
"humble crash system" was back tested crashes on dji 1929, Oct 1987, 911 of 2001, Oct of 2008, nasdaq Apr Y2K,... many Nikkei, also called the flash crash (records available).
i was extremely bullish at $spx 1040 bottom, i was ALL IN heavily long at $spx 1040.
here is the detailed analysis during late Aug 2010 at $spx 1040 bottom: