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Monday, February 14, 2011

time element

lots ingredients say it's topping, but the only thing missing is the cycles which is NOT YET, according to 4 different humble cycles work on LT, MT and ST cycles, which updated to private fee based members in details.
most people can read the price patterns, but do not know or harder to read the time element, as we can tell from majority of the professional paid work out there. everything in life has 2 axises, time is always the most important factor. w/o time, nothing matter. all our life events is a function of time element.
most of the time, if not all, time leads the price.
w/o the time insruments, most analysis would be off.
the cycle top is not far away from different time frames' analysis. when it comes, the velocity of plunging force could be enormous. but before that comes, lots bears might not be able to last the endless rally since late Aug's cut on the 2 sides blade. humble is seeing lots bears capitulated or about to. how much money does it cost you each day? which also is a function of time.
saying "the cycle top is not far away" is a relative term in time. how much time is not far away? humble's cycle work shows ...