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Thursday, February 17, 2011

treasury bonds & rut (only 2% away from all time high)

humble is bearish on TBT(ultra short TLT), bullish on TLT, at least short term.
very popular traded (but very few t/a out there) $rut, tna, and tza analysis available.
tza and many ultra shorts ETFs reverse split on Feb 24.

$rut, after rejected at resistance, parked right at support of the micro term. this market, $spx, $indu, $rut... all are back and forth action, reject at resistance, bounce at support, then re-kiss the resistance at the a higher slope, day by day, never stop. very similar to one historical period, which is the only occasion the humble century indication got X'ed during last century.
if you want to hold positions(either long or short) for long term, look at those reverse split ultra-short ETFs(again and again), i would say good luck to you!