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Thursday, March 3, 2011

potential 150++ $spx swings

on Sunday Feb 27, humble posted:
<< with humble proprietary two-sides blade system, presented to members a potential 150+ $spx points swing in 3 swing trades. >>
and said "this weekend comprehensive report is the best since the membership launched." it's all true, so far so good. no reason the remaining of the design can not be carry out, which still huge.

it's all true, so far, with two swings (one short, one long). if you get the full directional swings, it's over 60 $spx points (humble did not get the full, but well full enough).
humble is on the right sides of trades all week, it's all planned on Sunday's weekend report. during the past weekend, humble already knew what kind of large swings this week will be and presented with detailed chart analysis, and all supporting document. currently, humble also see the next two potential huge swing trades and their timing. imho, humble believes the 150 $spx points goal can be easily fullfilled, no guarantee. and you need to be on the right side, not necessary bearish, could be, could be not, could be v. bullish either. read disclaimer.
if you get this kind of trade even once a quarter, could be v. good and well worth it. this one is humble's best design in a while because humble sees all the ingredients there with v. high probability.
it's all about two-sides-blade system (humble presented to members already), and supercycle trend line.
next two big swings just presented to members, with charts analysis supporting. (one extra swing and more than expected gain).