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Friday, March 25, 2011

abandon $spx 1425 target. extreme bearish pattern developed for all major indexes, $spx indu, compq, rut, djusfn...

effective immediately toward end of April, i will donate 50% of new membership fees to Japan red cross for the earthquake and tsunami relieve.

PS. during the after market close research, imho, i found one asset could have the potential to appreciate 100% or more within the next 2 months or much sooner, the technical analysis of this asset is picture perfect. very interesting, isn't it? but i do not own it yet.

i heard EWI was extremely bearish the past weeks, today is looking for a potential new high past beyound Feb 18's.
no disrespect to EWI, actually Robert Prechter's "Elliott Wave Principle" book is my favorite book with my highest respect, and i highly recommend readers as a must read. i feel probably most bears are doing or thinking the same as EWI's messages at the worst time to capitulate. i believe if EWI sees my market close report, they will be 100% convinced with the bearish side with confidence. i am also using Elliott waves, but the interpretation probably is totally different and i have lots tools and analysis to support my views. if i have a chance to speak to respectful Mr. Prechter, i am willing to show him with my work.

in today's market close report, i updated and explained the details of very critically important technicals, it's very easy to understand clearly. not available in any book or documentation, it's my years observation and practice of this nature and charateristics. imho, after you see the charts and analysis and my explanation, it's not difficult to expect what are the swings of the market for weeks and months ahead, and i will carry through with it.

imho, today, sell the long and go for the short is the best term for quite a while. please read disclaimer.

only for newly joined member today.if you see my today's market close report and not satisfied in any way, or you can find any better analysis of today's market analysis anywhere, i refund you the membership fee. only valid for today, Mar 25, 2011. i am very bearish!
market close report will include analysis of $spx, $indu, $compq, $rut, $tnx...
anybody is welcome to join the membership.
tell me that you want this limited time offer deal when check with me.

$rut almost made to new high, and TZA made a new historical low.
i have issued "excellent" analysis about it against historical very critical patterns, for members.