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Monday, March 14, 2011

crash degree indication of market bottom - market already crashed and recovering with coming extreme market strength

market indicator melt down degree (per chart, compared to Flash crash May 2010): crash level.

real sentiment melt down degree: crash (Middle East, n. Africa unrest; Japan earthquake + tsunami + neuclear = WWII disaster degree per red cross ).

market price melt down degree: less than medium. leg 2 down is 4 $spx points less than leg 1 down.

time of melt down: prolonged and losing selling pressure. leg 2 down took exactly twice as much time as leg 1 down. selling pressure is losing momentum.

crash probability of humble crash system setup: close to zero.

degree of bottom: major.
degree of coming rally major.

neuclear reactor melt down degree: checking/monitoring, should be contained with limited damage. i hope people in Japan prevail. the world needs Japan to have good contributions to have our generation, next generation to live better. with love, all be good.

now, tomorrow's fomc has an excuse!

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