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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

even after the deep plunge today (as expected), the pressure is on bears; it's all about two-sides blade system and supercycle TL.

if by the cycle time, bears still can not take care the business and break the dam, could be very bullish. level defined, time defined.
as posted on Feb 28, humble expected Mar 1 market deep plunged.

today's deep plunged market, seems like bulls are in trouble. but actually the presure is on bears.

on Feb 28, while market was up up up, humble posted:
"don't be fooled, even though there were strength during the last 2~3 days, but current pattern is very similar to 2010 May's flash crash pattern and setup. not matured yet, need more time and more setup. humble's "crash system" can detect it when all the setup are ready. the system has detected the flash crash, also back tested with all major crashes."

on Feb 23 while $spx was at 1299, humble posted:
"steepest plunges, horrible market condition, but humble feels VERY bullish on $spx; emerging markets, brics - all look for new highs." then $spx got down to 1294.
at today's high, $spx bounced up to 1332, a bounce of 38 points then plunged.
as of Mar 1, the very bullish scenario still exist even with Mar 1's deep plunge.