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Sunday, March 13, 2011

greatet destruction brings the greatest opportunity

imho, Japan was too conservative since 1989 Nikkei and housing bubble collapse, firms put too much cash overseas and did not do much, and was licking the wounds. now the mother nature provide Japan the best opportunity to rise again, people in Japan will be awaken and have strong resolution, and start a new generation of booming. this is the best time and opportunity for Japan to walk out of past 2 decades under-performace, now will rise to be a great country again. and the younger generation will participate and provide the fresh force, with the help of returning funds from older generation and overseas.
it's the same nature cycle as U.S. walked out of the great depression with the greatest destruction of WWII.
Japan also walked out of the shadow of WWII and became an economy strong country.

short term, Japan will under pressure, but have a longer view, it will start to rise again if the people in Japan have the resolution and can unite together to re-build and start a new cycle.

spiritual + zen = greatest strength = nothing can not be done