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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

humble is extremely bullish!!! $spx potential upside target defined.

time, price, patterns... and the reasons and analysis, all updated to private paid members.
as of yesterday's market close, humble is all in long, also with all my retirement funds and all available stock accounts, every dollar i can use to invest, and family's, all in. i am very bullish.

...this is the pattern originally in my mind since a week ago Feb 27's weekend report of the two sides blade system, all play out beautifully. i already had all the up and down swings in mind for the past sessions (i correctly traded and in the right direction of all the past up and down swings with long and short). if this pattern plays out, my $spx potential upside target is ...
imho, this is the time to play big, and i am doing so.
not an advice for investment, especially if you are not a member and do not know my analysis and reasons. sometimes people want to save small amount of fees then miss the big one, i wouldn't sway the small things.
please read disclaimer.

PS. bears did have a few chances in the past sessions as the crash setups and conditions were all valid. but as humble's two-sides blade system recoganized, when a crash failed, market will switch to the other side - huge rally. it happened so many times in the past 1~2 years, only time came through is the flash crash. but the flash crash bottom of $spx 1040's proves to be an important MT bottom as all historical crashes did. no other choice, this market is on this kind of two extreme polarity, and will always be - do or die. one example was the late Aug $spx 1040 bottom, market also did have the setup and had a chance to crash (with so many 3 of 3 down callers there), but once the crash window passed (10 days +-2) and bounced off the level 1 and level 2 crash lines, the market switched to the extreme bullish mode, that's why humble was extremely bullish at $spx 1040 bottom. there is a limited write up on the blog some time ago on the two sides blade system. humble has a much more detailed report on the two-sides-blade system in the past week. humble not only making calls and real time hard copy of trading statements, but also show members the analysis and the reasons to support the calls.
from a common sense, since late Jan, with so many N. Africa, and mid east unrests, oil spikes 20%, and all those fears, $vix spikes... if bears still can not take care the business (the most down was only 3.7% from 1344 to 1294 $spx), then it's not difficult to know what would be on the other side.