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Friday, March 4, 2011

humble is very bearish, but does not like a crash right at this early stage of market decline.

some asked about crash scenario. humble prefers prolonged plunges instead of crash here.
historically when a crash occurred, that usually is the end of the down force, happened to:
1). 1987 great crash was decades' bottom.
2. last May's flash crash - down to $spx 1040's then sideway multiple months before strong trend. with fed's interference with QE2.

probably both crashes were interfered by fed or ppt.
a prolonged downtrend for some time(say down 20~30% initially), followed by a crash would be more bearish than crash right here in the early down stage.
but if it would comes, humble will know hours prior to it occur. humble has a crash system can tell the inflection trigger and the setup for it. humble crash system detected the flash crash hours prior to it occured (hard copy of communications proof available) as the setup was mature and passing the inflection. people say a crash can not be predicted, that's because they do not understand how a crash is trigered, that does not mean the system does not exist. the system is developed by humble alone.

following is a small portion of today's pre-market special report.
just recently humble become specialized in TZA analysis, have a good analysis of TZA to members this morning and the whole week.

a complete and detailed weekend market analysis and expectation, roadmap wlll be published to private member this coming weekend. let humble know if you like to join and have a copy.

following chart was prepared last night, and is based on yesterday's data. corresponding $rut part also presented.