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Thursday, April 21, 2011

critical juncture

just a few days ago when s&p downgrades u.s. rating, market was nearly broke down. now turn to nearly break out in just 3 days. a very volatile market indeed to fight the long term support / resistance as they are merging closer and closer. the fight could be very violent on either way's break out, now favor bulls.

so many markets are around critical medium term, even long term juncture, including s&p 500, dow jones ind, small cap, nasdaq, financials ...
breaking above or turn down could have serious impact. some indexes already have the initial signs of potential market break above. eg. $vix broke down and close below the long term support. usd broke down and ... close above. worth to do a critical comprehensive review for members (only) of either case, as going either way could still have lots potential on the break out / break down direction. anything is possible in this world.