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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GDII code blue

Apr 5: $rut Jul 2007 historical top was 856.48.
so far today's high 857.81 is one point above, but still the "GDII code blue" characteristic as charts analysis indicated.
it does not affect the "GDII code blue" call.
other indexes are churning, a typical code blue move.
"GDII code blue" call not mattered by these churning noises, considering GDI eventually plunged 86%.
support me by cheering if you are a bear!

stock market has topped!

it's a style of descriptional wording.
GDII is Great Depression 2.
code blue is prolonged lasting spiral down for years.

isn't it interesting to make this kind of decades extremely bearish call while market is at the three years top!
i have "stuff" to back up my call, special report sent to members.

PS. it's interesting and amazing that most people (subscriptions and public blogs), both bulls and bears are looking for higher prices (from here), ranging from 1352, 1363, 1381, 1400+ at this juncture. while a friend sent me a note yesterday saying "you are the last bear left".
but i was very bullish during mid March bottom while most people were bearish.
now i am probably more bearish than anyone else at the top.