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Monday, April 18, 2011

interesting mid April statistics

Friday Apr 15, 2011: recent market bounce top. market plunged on Monday Apr 18, 2011.

Saturday Apr 16, 2011: 81 years (9*9) aniversary of Apr 16, 1930 Great Depression Top.

2:44 Apr 18, 2011: full moon.

Apr 27, 2011: FOMC


Wed. Apr 16, 1930: great rally Top post the 1929 great crash. $DJI gradually plunged 86% from there, and was the Top for the next 25 years.

Sunday Apr 13, 1930: full moon.

Apr 23, 1930:
Federal Reserve Act
Section 6. Insolvency of Member Banks


Apr 14, 2000:
Nasdaq single day plunged 355 points, or 9.67%, to close at 3321.

Apr 26, 2010:
the top prior to the flash crash on May 6, 2010.

Apr 28, 2010: FOMC announced QE1 completion.