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Friday, April 8, 2011

oil GDII code blue

currently $20 target.
at $20 oil, how low will $spx be?
the higher it runs, the lower the head and shoulders target price.
bigger the bubble, bigger the pop.
who knew oil could plunge from $147 to $35 in such an astonishing velocity?
high oil price, high $spx price. low oil price, low $spx price. not the same as talking heads telling you.
who wants oil during GDII code blue?
reverse human nature: you buy, i sell. you sell, i buy.

in the GDII code blue world, nothing in your dream you want to think about it.
the world has become unsafe, insecure as each every day goes on, only peace in your mind is the eternity. not your body, nit the material world.
peace, calm, only in your mind, your spiritual. that's the eternity.
think and keep peace and calm every morning, then everyday is an eternity for you. with love, you will be a complete. that's the highest status in heaven. so says humble yours.

timing not scaled on chart.