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Friday, April 1, 2011

$rut, $spx, $indu

$rut broadening top with historical example.
today's top is right at the upper black trend line.

both $spx and $indu are right at the brown mid Fibo fan line resistances.

$spx, $indu, $rut, $djusfn, $compq, $sox update:
there are some non-confirmation, financials and Nasdaq are lagging. $sox is red for the day.
i stick to B-wave of either regular flat or expanded flat for various indexes. meaning some are stronger making new highs and some are weaker.

PS. during late Feb, while Egypt and Libya unrest and many emerging market were under serious down turn, i posted EEM will make multi-year new high. i was challenged by many. now, EEM makes new high! this could impact many emerging countries going forward.