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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sample member market close update (Wednesday March 16, 2011)

daily with 10 or more market updates, also weekend comprehensive report.

following is the past sample, all have changed as of current.
Wednesday March 16, 2011 Market close update:

Dear humble members,
market survived the crash threat, but closed right near the all important lower pitch fork red line.
$spx potentially completed the triple zigzags correction.
$rut shows relative strength for the past 2 days, potentialy bottomed yesterday, and has a potential bullish inverted head and shoulder, ned to break above ther black neckline for more upside.
LT trend line and MT Fibo fan line support for $indu, $spx, $rut. both $indu and $spx brielfly below the supports, but closed right at the line, waiting for further confirmation. $rut stay above the support.
$cpc closed right above the bear mark, intraday spike was much higher.
$trin closed right at the line.
all at the critical levels, tomorrow is the decision point,
8:30am ET highly market correlated initial jobless claims could also be a clue.

all my long positions are $rut related.
will use $spx lower red pitch fork line as a decision point. if $spx closes below the line, i will exit all long positions. otherwise i will hold on to all long position, all my long positions are $rut related with TNA reported to members.