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Friday, May 27, 2011


PS. will there be a major earth disaster or man made disaster coming next 1~2 weeks? be careful!
$rut miss a little of the mid red pitch fork resistance and turned down.
TZA ($rut bear fund) back tested the broke out green pitch fork and turning up.
i clearly remember this is the same situation as in early March with the same chart set!
then came the market plunges into Mar 16, and Japanese earthquake.
if true, market could start to plunge next week.

fractal:for the entire week, at noon May 27, bulls spent the whole week, or about 2000 minutes, to filled the big gap down from this Monday, which only took 1 minute.
it took bulls' 1950 times effort to just offset bears' 1 minute effort!

PS. Pelican, yes, it's all computer calculated, including all technicals. i think i sorted out the "bear pressure" from this morning. at this moment, i am bearish going forward.