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Monday, May 2, 2011

an ironic and contrarian market

May 3: the special report works perfectly, all as expected. roadmap of going forward should be as expected also, imho. should be quite happy for those received this report.
i got the hot Silver top as posted yesterday morning. :) i also have views of gold, silver, oil, euro, usd ... gld, slv, agq, uso, fxe, uup with "good" analysis charts.

even though DJI only down 3 points, SPX only down 2 points for the day,

occurred only the third time since SPX topped on 2007.

preparing a special report for private members for this potential most important developement since the market bottomed on Mar, 2009.
for non-private member, let me know if you want to receive this special report.

it could be ironic that the death of OBL marks the end of the two years bull market. and on a smaller degree, Japanese disasters and s&p downgrade U.S. marked a short term market, and medium term market bottom. market often plays in a contrarian way different from majority people's thought, hence surprised most people.

all the lower wedge trend lines broke to the downside for initial confirmation of trend change to down.

i see $rut could plunge the most during the coming T3, as it's a key reversal day and already show a strong and relaible sign.

i see both $spx and $indu forming MT broadening top.

we had a much smaller degree of ST broadening top during early Apr.

once this MT broadening top realized, the downside targets could be much below the lowest point on the chart.

also featuring the $spx T3 chart as in the weekend report.

i have an even larger LT broadening top for both $spx and $indu. take it step by step, do not want to run too far ahead.

$vix broke out the descending wedge with the same expanded flat as major indexes, could be investors/traders hedge against the potential retaliation of OBL's death.

$spx, $rut code blue ... as updated in the weekend report. initial low target are at ... will it bounce up from there and go higher, or go through and went down? will review when it gets there.

$indu ...

Super Cycle Trend Line of DJI and SPX ....

fear factor traveled from extreme fear zone to above neutral zone, early market optimism contribute to this factor, later market sideway drives it up more as expected and reported.

let me know if you want to see the complete update, and more of the report.

PS. i have donated 50% of Apr new membership fees to Japan earthquake relieve.

this world is lack of peace and calm. people, politians, and terrorists just manipulate their power, no matter it's money or weapon, to make the disturbility of the world, to put never ended hatred toward other "difference" people, no matter it's conflict of interests, or not-on-my-side, or different believes. today you kill his people, tomorrow he kills your people as retaliation, a never ended deteriorating loop. it's wrong, no matter who is right or wrong in the first place.

I believe if everybody in this world has a little more love, this world will become much better.
I see every holy poem has the word of "Love".
True love do exist from God, and in the world. They only are different in forms and have different ways of expression.
Love from God.
Love from parents to children, children to parents.
Love among brothers and sisters.
Love among friends.
Love from strangers, like those love from the world flow to Japan to help, truely from their hearts. Thus the world will have more love in circulation now and future. Make this a more wonderful world for us and our children and future generations, forever and ever.
Little by little, we all grow in our heart, in out spirit, and in our love. All become better and better.

this world need more love.
this world need more calm and peace.
so say humbly yours.