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Thursday, May 19, 2011


imho, if FED did not created a transitory secondary bubble, $ndx would have same downward red pitch fork as LNKD.
either way, this transitory $ndx bubble would still burst down 75% from current price, imho. Bubble is a phantom, ben knows that it's all transitory.

on its IPO day, May 19, 2011, moved down 75% from day high to day low range.
if it is really a hot ipo, why so much dump from the day high? or it's a historical high forever?
bubble spirit? i guess at $122, it was an easy sell considering the $ndx bubble pattern during Y2K.

this blog has over 90 nations viewers in just a year, how much would it worth for an ipo? i wouldn't even dream for that! it's all Phantom!