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Sunday, May 15, 2011

important key differences of patterns and concepts between Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle vs. R.N. Elliott’s The Wave Principle

5/19: today i shared with private members: last year, i learned a technique from market veteran Dick Diamond about his favorite technical readings, share with private members. currently Dick Diamond offers a discount $3900 (regular $6400) four day short term training course. this technique is good for multi-days to one week swing trades, also good for one month+ swing. Dick Diamond was a floor broker from year 1960, is a mentor of ewi's Robert Prechter.

5/19: this is a very difficult week for me (not market related), recover in progress. still managed to try the best to fullfill the obligation to do updates for private members. i am bearish on the market, all realized, including ew.
unlike prechter's ewi and many bearish blogs have bullish options, i do not have any bullish alternative. i am bearish considering what i see and analyze on the market, confident.

(all details and charts analysis on the) members weekend comprehensive report:
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I see the big picture from Mar 2009 bottom matches with above patterns and concepts from R.N. Elliott’s original treatise of The Wave Principle. And I have the past ^DJI chart of R.N. Elliott’s and current $spx chart listed together as comparison as following. I see them rhythm well. The pattern rhythms, not repeat. It means current development might or might not copy the past one of the top chart. The most important characteristics R.N. Elliott presented in the original treatise are ......

In Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle, he calls R.N. Elliott’s patterns and concepts erroneous.
But in my humble opinion, I see R.N. Elliott’s patterns and concepts are correct, not erroneous as Robert Prechter claimed, as I presented the charts patterns and analysis above.

Following is from Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Principle about ...... (could that be the reasons Robert Prechter and his ewi corporation are wrong about the Elliott wave structure for so long?)

After breaking down with second level of blue rising wedge and the yellow expanding broadening back test top line, currently $spx is right at the green trend line support. Then next support is the aqua Fibo fan lower line. Followed by the first level short term yellow expanding broadening target line. Then the medium term lower yellow expanding broadening target line.
The second level of blue rising wedge pattern and the expanding broadening back test line conforms to R.N. Elliott’s ... It begins with the “ensuring bear market” as Elliott discussed.
Following is the medium term level of ... that I have been presented for some time.
On the volatility index, $VIX, I am seeing the red wave C up, probably toward the top of the two towers as shown on the chart.
On summation indexes $NYSI and $NASI, the breadth indicators, they turned down from the red trend line with the most strong class A bearish divergences.
T3 proceeding, charts analysis with $spx, $rut, $indu, $vix, $rvx:
Code blue follow up on SPX, RUT, INDU, COMPQ, DJUSFN:
Following I present $USD, OIL, Silver, Gold, Copper because I believe they all correlated to the stock market in certain degrees.
I see bullish on $USD going forward as it found the exact support at the bottom pitch fork line (I presented this chart analysis at the exact $USD bottom), and rally strongly. Often $USD is inversely correlated to the stock market and the commodities market.
Following is my view on OIL, I am very bearish on OIL. This is the same chart I presented while OIL was at $113.
I also presented Silver analysis charts while Silver was at the exact top. Here is an update of Silver and Silver fund.

PS. 5/15 Sunday night: i humbly predict, this week AAPL could have one of its biggst down day in one year due to one key pattern updated to members on last Friday. disclaimer: i never shorted AAPL, only long AAPL one time around $100. and do not have any position on AAPL. and do not recommend any position on AAPL.