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Friday, May 20, 2011

red Ichimoku clouds are starting to emerging; potential bearish head and shoulders pattern (also look at the MT black curve)

market close with 12 charts analysis featuring $spx, $rut, $indu for ST, MT with important patterns, ST techniques, and point of recognition. confident Elliott wave counts on $spx, $rut and $indu, only one primary, no alternation.

PS. i posted on daneric's blog for his a series of ones and twos ew counts:
<< a series of ones and twos. sounds like a curse on the bears!
for a very long time, every time when people post this kind of extremely bearish counts, market rally hard, no exception.
how many times ewi has posted wishful series of ones and twos?! bears need to learn the lessons.
even the flash crash is not a series of ones and twos.
imho, a series of ones and twos could never exist, and should never be posted.
i am very bearish.

imho, ew is additive, not inclusive. maybe prechter's EWP and most people got it wrong, both bulls and bears?