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Monday, June 20, 2011

i humbly upgrade AAPL

Jun 24: after upgrade at $311 on Jun 20, reached $333 today. 22 points in 4 days. that's good enough for now to take profit.

Jun 21: a crude oil ETF volatility index chart posted on yesterday's "updrade oil" thread".

AAPL seriously under-perform recently.
today's bottom at $310.5 at the lower blue pitch fork line.
i expect AAPL to grow into new historical high.
apple grows in the summer.

"If you are lucky to live near apple orchards, you know that autumn is a great time to pick apples. Apples are good for you the saying goes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." In fact, apples do contain a powerful phytochemical called quercitin and eating apples may also help to reduce cholesterol."

Jun 20 12:30pm cnbc half time show:
<< big technical breakdown.
breaking below 200 day moving average.
also former appl lover, now not exciting about aapl. >>
they love AAPL at $360's, now hate AAPL at $310's - typical wallstreets analysts!

for $spx, $rut and the market, i reported the roadmap and most important cycle(working perfectly so far), and details of all aspects.

Jun 21:
today Oppenheimer cut AAPL price target from $480 to $420.
i see AAPL has bull flag, measured breaking out target is $480.
i do not think AAPL will get to $480, but is quite an interesting bull flag chart on 5 months' consolidation.
i see this final bubble making is setting up the huge bubble-burst into the ground.