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Monday, June 20, 2011

this morning i humbly upgrade OIL price at around $92, target $115 ~ $120 over the summer

oil ($wtic) at 92's this morning.
i see oil bottoming right around here after i reported oil $113 top, and was bearish at $100 secondary top when upgraded twice by major investment banks twice around $100. recently i see lots analysts talking about $80 ~ $85 oil. now everybody hates oil, and nobody upgrade oil, most capitulated.

USO reached lower red pitch fork target line with a corrective wave A-B-C.
potential upside is upper red or mid green pitch fork lines with a potential summer rally. my oil ($wtic)target $115 ~ $120.

Jun 21:
crude oil ETF volatility index quite tame compared to year 2008, it could be approaching the lower red trend line, which could imply a new high on 2011 crude oil above $113.