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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i feel comfortable about May 2, 2011's $spx 1370.58 as The Decade Top

Jul 8 9:25 am ET: cycle chart posted at the stockcharts public list.
potential market open with a bearish island reversal.
next critical chart will be posted when "VOTE" reaches 40 (currently at 26).

Jul 7: after market close: if you are lost, and wondering about the market, and what to do about your positions, contact me to see the potential roadmap and all analysis:

Jul 7: i will have more charts analysis on the stockcharts public site if more people "VOTE" daily. the next chart in the line is the critical cycle analysis. (so far 12, try 24 votes for the cycle chart).

patterns per the member updates and reports i presented in the last couple of days.
$spx, $indu, $rut, aapl all rejected at or near the iso lines.

Tracking $spx 1370 decade Top on May 2, 2011 - code blue
link is at the right hand side.

show the bear power and support - vote this list to the top of the stockcharts public list if you like 1370 as the decade Top - "VOTE" is at bottom of the stockcharts page

PS. hi Pelican, i have updated you that i was very bullish during mid Jun bottom at spx 1258, also called AAPL rally at 310.5.
let's see how this decade top call turn out. it's an extremely bold call for the decade, i do not see anybody (both bulls and bears) has such a dramatic decade call. i made this call primary on patterns and many aspects of technicals.
currently at spx 1340, the risk is 30 points. i see majority of bulls and bears are bullish at this point. very few bears "VOTE" on the stockcharts to support this bearish call, probably most of them are capitulated or turned to bulls. BTW, you can "VOTE" daily everyday to get me on to the top of the stockcharts public list. i will reveal more if more people vote and are interested. The link is at the right hand side of the blog.

PS. Jul 8:
yesterday's ADP number missed by one whole largest digit.
private job should be 57000 vs ADP's 157000.
how could it miss so much? seems to me that ADP number is a fraud manipulated by certain entity!
$rut turned down from the mid blue pitch fork (or green back test line).
the initial downside target could be the lower blue pitch fork line.
tza turned up around the lower Fibo fan line. initial upside target could be the mid fan line, then the upper fan.